Hair Enhancer Lotion For Reconstruction Reparation Lotion For Damaged Hair (100ml)


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Product Description:

Nuvotone Hair Enhancer Lotion is an Ayurvedic water-based formulation of herbs which helps reduce hair-fall, promotes new hair growth, strengthens and thickens your hair by nourishing it from the roots. It helps reduce dandruff and prevents pre-mature greying of hair. It protects hair from pollution and sun damage. Applying the Lotion on a regular basis will make your hair thick, lustrous and healthy.
It can also be applied lightly on thinning eyebrows.
Free from alcohol , chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours and fragrances
100% vegetarian

Nuvotone Hair Enhancer Lotion contains many herbs like Amla, Kesaraj, Bhringaraj, Jatamanshi, Neem, Methi, Hibiscus and Aroma Oils like Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lemon Grass and Cinnamon. This enriches the lotion and makes it more effective in preventing hair-fall and keeping your hair healthy.

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