rangamaati’s cotton fabrics are primarily handwoven and its weaving pattern makes the fabrics associated with durability and comfort Owing to its high absorption & evaporation properties cotton fabrics are considered best for designing dresses whether Indian or Indo Western.Its soft touch, & feel, and ease to carry makes it perfect for daily wear both indoor or outdoor be it home or office . These woven breathable fabric weighs around 90- 95 grams per meter. Best suggested for a sun-filled summer, as temperature soars high. Our cotton fabrics have a great absorbing properties and have high printing potency be it natural dye,hand block print or Tie Dye for more colorful creation. which could be effortlessly dipped and dyed in endless color tones to explore creativity

Feel free to browse through and you could buy online, cotton fabric as made in India all over India with us. Our running material is very soft best suited for the skin and Environmentally friendly and best in class.
You could get running fabrics for stitching your favorite Kurta Kurti Shirt or Designer wears and could order with us in the most convenient manner best suiting you.

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