Kantha Stitch Sarees

The name “Kantha” is the needle embroidery practices in the districts of West Bengal and Bangladesh. The Nakshi Kantha is the reflection life, aspirations and culture of the village women of Bengal. The motifs used in Nakshi-Kantha Work are symbols that have a special place in the folk art tradition of India. The rural women of India have expressed their feelings through folk art. The motif patterns include the sun, the moon, the lotus, the rose, the animals, and water.

These beautiful Kantha Stitch Saree involves hours and months of hand embroidery and involves steps from drawing the design on tracing paper, then perforating the design outline with a red-hot needle, mixing carbon or aluminium oxide with kerosene and rubbing on the perforated design outline to create impressing on the Saree,then starts the hand embroidery with needle and thread against the pre-drawn impression for months ,followed by steamrolling pressing and polishing before being presented before You. ..

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