Resham Matka Silk Saree with Zari Woven Jamdani Aanchal.


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Sparkle and dazzle in this pure Resham Matka silk saree. Do add Life and awe to
any party You walk into with our designer — weaving silk Saree having rich woven Motifs, Border, and elaborate Aanchal.

Watch the magic as the elegant designer pallu with intrinsic weaving unfolds the beauty of Bengal’s Weaver Skills..They have a fantastic fall and best suited for formal occasions as much as for casual parties, Bengal pure silk sarees are most preferred due to their Classic, Traditional aesthetic appeal.

The Silk Saree is skillfully hand woven by the Traditional Weavers of Bengal.India.

  • Country/Region of Manufacture: India.
  • Material: 100% Handwoven Silk
  • Color: Midnight Black with Zari Border Zari intertwin woven Aanchal
  • Look : Classy Traditional & Tassels N Free Flow.
  • Fabri Care: Dry clean Mandatory.
  • Blouse Piece: Included.
  • This product is hand Crafted and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of the human involvement in the process. These add to the unique charm of this exquisite piece..
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Silk sarees are on one hand pragmatically classy, Stylish and easy to carry and on the other, they are an epitome of beauty and luster. Silk is known for its shimmering appearance making it extremely grand looking.

Story Behind the Fabric You Adopted:

Silk Making  :

Silk is a strong, soft, lustrous fiber extruded by certain kinds of moth and spiders. The cultivated silk variety is produced by the species Bombyx mori. There are other less-cultivated species, known as Wild Silk (such as Tussar feeding on Oak leaves, Eri on Castor-oil plant leaves and Muga on a variety of polyanthus leaves like Som, soalu etc.).

Made from the most expensive known textile in the world, Silk sarees are a symbol of class, purity and wealth.

Silk Varieties:

India basically produces four different varieties of Silk:

Mulberry  |  Tussar   Muga  |  Eri

Certain other types Silks which are Bye-products of the main process are also produced in India, namely,

Dupion Filature: Matka Katiya:: Ghicha Baikal:: Noil Spun

The main production centers being the states of Karnataka, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Bihar, Maharastra, Assam and to some extent Kashmir.


The Cultivated silkworm, Bombyx mori feeds on the leaves of the mulberry tree. This variety of Silk is mostly cultivated in Karnataka and Kashmir.

Dupion An irregular, rough silk reeled from double cocoons or cocoons spun side-by-side which are interlocked, making it necessary to reel them together. The unevenness of the yarn confines its use.

Filature A raw silk which is reeled by machine as distinct from silk prepared by hand in cottage industry.

Matka silk is obtained from waste Mulberry silk by hand spinning without removing the gum (sericin). Cocoons required to produce Matka are mainly obtained from Karnataka and Kashmir but spiining is mostly done in the villages of Malda and Murshidabad districts in West Bengal by women by hand spinning. Some of the well-known villages such as Sujapur, Islampur, Dariapur have given their names to the Matka yarns produced in these villages.


Tussar Silk is produced by the larvae of several species of moth such as Antheraea mylitta, Antheraca proylei, Antherea pernyi and Antheraca yamamai.The insects mostly live in the wild on bushes and trees on which they feed. Tussar silk is spun by the worm in a single-shelled, oval cocoon, with a fine-grained, hard, non-flossy shell. The cocoons are generally yellow or grey and are hard & compact.

The cocoons are boiled in a chemical solution or treated with an enzyme to soften. Thereafter yarn is reeled either in a dry process (by drying the cocoons) or by wet reeling process.

The portion of Tussar cocoons leftover after about 60% reliable silk is spun into Katiya yarn. The pierced cocoons are spun into Ghicha yarn while peduncles are utilized for production of Baikal yarn.


Native of Assam and named after Assamese word “Muga” which indicates the amber (brown) color of cocoon. It belongs to the same family as Tussar. It is popular for its natural golden color, glossy fine textures, and durability. Muga silk is produced by Antheraea assama Westwood which is an endemic species prevalent in the Brahmaputra valley and adjoining hills.

Muga silkworm is a polyphagous insect which feeds on leaves of Som, Soalu and other plants which grows abundantly in Brahmaputra valley.

Eri :

The word Eri is a derivative from Sanskrit nomenclature for Castor Plant, eranada. Castor leaf is the main food for the Eri silkworms and so named as Eri. This is the only completely domesticated non-mulberry variety. Its silk is spun as it cannot be reeled.

Spun Silk A Silk yarn made of short lengths of silk obtained from silk wastes, pierced cocoons or floss which gives yarn its characteristic brilliance. There are two grades of yarn Schappe and Bourette. It is spun on special machinery which in some ways is akin to cotton and worsted.

Noil Short fibers removed in combing operation of yarn making of Spun silk is spun into Noil yarn. Noil is mostly produced in Karnataka and Madras.


Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 cm

Silk Handwoven


Saree : Length – 5.5mtr, Width – 45inches.
Blouse: Length-.80mtr


Dry Clean Mandatory for this product. Iron on reverse. Do not bleach and expose this product to excessive heat and sunlight for long.


Dispatched in a maximum of 3 business days. Returns accepted within 10 days of delivery. Cancellation requests will be accepted strictly within 24 hours of placing the order only.


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