Kantha Stitch Embroidered Silk Dupatta.


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This is a designer Dupatta which could also be worn as a stole. This piece of woman accessory is a must item for any fashion interested woman or girl. The magic of the elaborately embroidered body with intrinsic ” FLORAL PATTERN ” hand stitching unfolds the beauty of veteran Kantha Artisans’ Stitching Skills capturing traditional Heritage Value and Aesthetic Appeal.

This Kantha Silk Dupatta is skillfully hand-stitched by the Traditional Kantha Karigaars / Artisans from Bengal. India.

  • Country/Region of Manufacture: India.
  • Material: Woven 100% Silk (Tussar Gicha Silk)
  • Color: Chrome Yellow.
  • Size: 2.5mtrs X 38 inches.
  • Fabri Care: Dry clean Mandatory.
  • The dress can be anything from a saree, salwar suit, Jeans & T-Shirt or with topper and skirt, just throw the stole over your shoulder, use it as a wrap-around on your waist or just hand on one shoulder.
  • Ideal for all seasons, occasions and all ages.
  • This product is handcrafted and may have slight irregularities that are a natural outcome of human involvement in the process. These add to the unique charm of this exquisite piece.


Kantha embroidered shawls are famous for their unique color combination and patterns. Kantha stole are made completely by hand with stitches over the hand-woven silk. Kantha embroidery not only revives the craftsmanship of Indian but also the source of earning for underprivileged families. Indian Kantha is a fine example of the rich tradition of handicrafts blossoming in rural Bengal. Kantha embroidery is practiced by the rural women of Bengal. The characteristic feature of the Kantha shawl is the intricately embroidered shawls featuring various geometrical and traditional patterns.
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Story Behind the Artwork You Adopted:

Kantha Stitch Hand Embroidery  :

The name “Kantha” is the needle embroidery practices in the districts of West Bengal and Bangladesh. The Nakshi Kantha is the reflection life, aspirations and culture of the village women of Bengal. The motifs used in Nakshi-Kantha Work are symbols that have a special place in the folk art tradition of India. The rural women of India have expressed their feelings through folk art. The motif patterns include the sun, the moon, the lotus, the rose, the animals, and water.

These beautiful Kantha Stitch Saree involves hours and months of hand embroidery and involves steps from drawing the design on tracing paper, then perforating the design outline with a red-hot needle, mixing carbon or aluminium oxide with kerosene and rubbing on the perforated design outline to create impressing on the Saree,then starts the hand embroidery with needle and thread against the pre-drawn impression  for months ,followed by steamrolling pressing and polishing before being presented before You. ..

Technique :

Though Kantha embroidery consists of simple running stitches, it is rather laborious and time-consuming. Born from the pure imagination of rural women who adorn these Kantha sarees, Kantha embroidery portrays beautiful motifs and designs as it draws inspiration from day to day activities resulting in a close mesh of design in the form of beautiful flowers, birds, and animal motifs or human figurines or even simple geometric patterns. The colored silken threads that run through the saree forming these lovely patterns are a treat to view.

History behind:

The origin of Kantha embroidery can be traced back to the pre-Vedic era. In fact one can see that the symbols used in this form of embroidery are inspired by nature and ancient Indian art. In West Bengal as long as one can trace, this form of art was initiated by rural women who used this form of embroidery to make quilts and to adorn personal garments and fabrics such as sarees, dhotis, and handkerchiefs.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 275 × 229 cm

Silk Handwoven


Duppatta : Length – 2.5mtr, Width – 38inches.


Dry Clean Mandatory for this product. Iron on reverse. Do not bleach and expose this product to excessive heat and sunlight for long.


Dispatched in a maximum of 3 business days. Returns accepted within 5 days of delivery. Cancellation requests will be accepted strictly within 24 hours of placing the order only.


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