Handlooms occupy a second place to agriculture in providing a livelihood to the people of the state of Bengal.The popularity of Bengal handlooms as a product line over the last few years has brought a special focus to saris, dupattas and stoles from Bengal;’s classic loom clusters like Shantipur, Phulia and Murshidabad where some of the finest handwoven is woven.
Over the last couple of years, tastes have become more refined and people are turning more towards Organic handwoven fabrics we at rangamaati strongly believe Bengal has a strong market for hand-based loom products which has a rich tradition. The heritage of our master weavers and artisans are now blended with new technological designs and threads to produce a wide variety of products.
Items of Production: Coarse to value-added Sarees, Dhuties, Lungies, Home Furnishings, Ladies & Gents Dress Materials, Scarves & Stoles, etc.

Exquisite Varieties : Baluchari, Tangail, Tangail Jamdani, Dhaniakhali, Korial, Muslin & Santipuri Sarees.

Export Varieties : Scarves & Stoles, Home Furnishings, Ladies & Gents Dress Materials, etc.

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