rangamaati specializes in natural, craft-based contemporary pieces, while also providing rural craft persons a platform to use traditional dyeing and fabric printing techniques. Capturing the essence of Indian roots, crafted with a focus on the traditional,,our khadi dresses sets the tone for an all-new ethnic trend. The yarn used to weave this fabric is spun by hand, imparting to it the unique uneven character. Khadi aids in providing employment to rural craftsmen and so became a symbol of Mahatma Gandhi’s Swadeshi Movement. A contrast to the monotony of machine-made textiles, this piece is surely one of a kind!
Over the years, we have fulfilled our customers demand by offering them a wide range of products in the stipulated time frame.

Our range of products includes :

Spun Khadi
Viscose Khadi
Embroidered Khadi
Pure Cotton Khadi
Paper Silk.
Conceptualization and production of our designs is done keeping in mind present and future fashion trends.