Swarna Chitrakar

Swarna Chitrakar

A special feature of Bengal’s Patachitra is that the stories are essentially from Hindu mythology but the artists are overwhelmingly Muslim. Swarna is no exception. She says her paintings are s a classic case of communal harmony practiced down the generations in West Bengal.

Contact/Background Information :
Name : Swarna Chitrakar.
Address: Naya,Pingla,Midnapur West Bengal. INDIA.
Age: 52 Years.
Marital Status: Married.
Children: 5

Art Experience :
Swarna picked up the basic skills of the art as a child from her father. Belonging to a poor family, life was harsh and she was married off at a young age.

Economic stagnancies made Swarna’s parents marry her of early. Once at her in-laws village, Swarna faced severe abuse and humility from her husband and his family. Enduring this plight for a year she went back to her parents and started reviving the painting skills that she learned from her father during childhood. Sheer dedication and effort yielded results and Swarna’s creations started getting recognition first at the district and then at the state level. Of late Swarna has been reunited with her husband and lives a happy family life with five budding painter daughters.

Pata means frame and Chitra means painting, and Patachitra is an ancient art of scroll painting in India. Incidentally, the artists here are painters, lyricists, and singers – all rolled into one. They narrate the stories painted through songs while unfurling the scrolls.

Her biggest Dream is to have here Daughters being educated and be married Happily.

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