Shyamoli Dash

Hand Spinning & Hand Weaving.

She is excited to know that her — creations are purchased from all over the world and that her earnings assist her in providing a brighter future for her family.

Contact/Background Information :
Name : Shyamoli Dash
Address: Shantipur,Nadia, West Bengal. INDIA.
Age: 32 Years.
Marital Status: Married.
Children: 2

Art Experience :
Coming from a weaving family in the Murshidabad, Shyamoli learnt how to weave very early at 13 years old by observing her mother at home. She hand spins yarns to hand-weave beautiful Khadi Cotton Sarees. She loves that rangamaati gives different job-works to work on, but prefers the jhaapi technique because of the complexity of the design.

She enjoys the company of all the Master Weavers who work there in her Village , as they can exchange ideas and help each other, which enables her to learn more. Shaymoli plans to teach her daughter how to weave, “because weaving is a beautiful tradition that should be kept alive for the next generation.”

Eventually, Shaymoli dream is to open a handloom outlet where she plans to exhibit and sell directly all of her woven creations.

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