The Kantha Embroidery is the predominantly the most popular form of embroidery practiced by the rural women. Taught by their mothers, who in turn were taught by their mothers, the women have now made kantha stitching their livelihood – it provides a source of income also they bear the torch of the past glory of intangible culture and heritage of Bengal.

rangamaati handicrafts works with several of these female Kantha Artisans, who stitch all of our kantha products. The work is perfect suited to the needs of the artisans – they pick the materials from our office, and then work at home in their own time and at their own pace. They deliver the piece once it’s complete and receive their payment.

It takes 20 -30 days to complete one of our Kantha Scarves or Stoles, and three to six months to complete a Kantha Saree, depending on how many hours per day the artisan works; in general, the ladies work around 3 hours per day.
​They feel Motivated and encouraged to carry on the generations old artwork when their work is appreciated and a proper feedback is given by our patrons