The Culture and the image of society is depicted within the sight of the artist, their perspective of the present and based upon that their image of the future and more importantly within the bounds of their craft and their ability to give shape to thoughts and ideas. What the artist creates, their craft and their work is a material representation of their thoughts and feelings, their soul and what their perception is of the real meaning and purpose of life. All around us we feel and execute our emotions, the artist draws them into the objects which they create.

At rangamaati we bring these objects, these pieces of art to you, listing and offering fine art objects we aim at being enablers of a society where they are appreciated. Representing the best in Bengal Handloom and Handicrafts, we bring them right to your door step for you. Listing a range of objects we hand pick them to represent the best in arts and crafts. All products available on our website are unique and have a story of their own. Our aim is to be the global online market place for all things arts and crafts catering from Bengal primarily, in the pursuit of excellence we like to think of ourselves as promoters and guides to Bengal’s Handicrafts & Handloom Wear – bringing to you the best in art collections and catering to artists worldwide and by offering them a broader window to project their creation.

|| Philosophy ||

rangamaati works with rural men and women to create indigenous crafts, the skills of which have been passed generation-to-generation. It helps artisans to be self-sufficient and produce unique traditional artworks.

rangamaati, has been organizing crafts exhibitions across the state since past 2 years thus giving national and international exposure to artisans and beautiful handcrafted bliss to craft-lovers!!

We at rangamaati, love them for what they do and respect their artwork and artform!!

|| Mission ||

Our main focus is to support those artisans and designer who design & develop wonderful handmade craft products with sheer love, creativity and uniqueness. rangamaati.com is promoting them & their products online to handmade crafts and design lovers all over the world.

|| Vision ||

rangamaati has set a vision of facilitating livelihood for rural artisans with a holistic approach, which includes sustainable development concepts:

Revival of Languishing Craft & Facilitating market through eCommerce & Retail Sale.

Construction of Work shed for poor & needy artisan of Bankura Birbhum District for all weather Production

Appropriate transfer of Skill and Intangible Culture.

Always open to suggestions for improvement & to upgrade product range

Non compromising attitude to maintain quality standards with competitive pricing.

Appropriate Art & Skill Transfer

Dying Artform Preservation & Promotion & Continuation.