Your Visit to rangamaati site and extension of your kind Support makes a Difference into the life of rural artisan

When you purchase a handicraft or handloom, one-of-a-kind item through rangamaati site you are getting a piece of folk art rooted in longstanding cultural tradition of Bnegal, India.

With your purchase, you will have made a positive impact on the life of the artist who created the piece, on his or her community, and on the country as a whole.

Your purchase will also help rangamaati achieve its goals to foster sustainability for handicrafts Artisan, folk artists, to assure viability for living folk art traditions , and to create intercultural exchange as a means of uniting the artisan of different locations of Bengal,India.

It takes whole awareness and effort, great and small, to create positive change in our world.

In addition to your purchase, we at rangamaati hope that you would develop a greater appreciation for handicrafts handloom & folk art as both an art form as well as a vehicle for positive change.

Now lets us introduce You all to few of our Artisan and Magical Handloom weavers & Folk Artists who has been holding on the very basics of Bengals Culture ,Values and Artwork