Eco Tourism in Bengal

Continuous living with a fast life makes us partly mechanical resulting different abnormal effects. family commitments, work pressure, money issues increase the anxiety and stress level in a human. To recover and manage up with the stress there is very little time left to require care of the health, hectic schedule results to some common diseases like coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypertension and a ton of health problems. Also with a heavy workload, working parents has to spend more time in the office with their pile of work rather than at home with their family,this has led to a lack of communication among the family members and affected family relationships adversely. misunderstandings and arguments are bound to happen rural tourism is one of the few activities which can provide a solution to these problems.

rangamaati’s Eco Tourism Drive is an initiative to repair Body, Mind and Soul and bring human kind closer to the Nature thus ensuring healthier and fulfilling life.