Bengal Diary

Bengal Diary

25 Great Fairs of Bengal which you must visit

1. Bera Utsav – Murshidabad The annual festival is celebrated on the last Thursday of…

Folk Dance of Bengal — Chau.

The Masked Expressions The cultural heritage of a State, is preserved, among many things, through…

Festivities of Shantiniketan

Poush Mela Time: 7th Poush (Bengali Calender) - December Poush Mela is an annual fair…

Pattachitra Painting – Forefather of Modern Cinematography

Pattachitra style painiting , which blends oral storytelling with visual imagery.The word pata is derived…

Panchmura – Soul of Bengal Pottery

Pottery Art in India Pottery art in India is as ancient as the country itself.…

Conch Shell Crafts

Conch Shell Crafts  West Bengal is famous for the unique form of its arts and…

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