rangamaati handicrafts & handloom a humble attempt to empower rural female craftsmen of Bengal,we specialize in natural, craft-based contemporary pieces, thus providing rural craft persons a platform to use traditional dyeing and fabric printing techniques.It is a one stop destination for Authentic & Exclusive Eco-Friendly cottage and rural Industry based Clothing & handicrafts from every corner of Bengal .

We have set a vision of facilitating livelihood for rural artisans with a holistic approach, which includes sustainable development concepts: Revival of Languishing Craft & Facilitating market through eCommerce & Retail Sale.

We are working with underprivileged and below poverty line people and those who gets just One Meal per day, they have No Shelter for living and they have No Permanent source of Income, sometime its less that Rupees 500/Month and for many months its much lesser too.

All our Artists and Crafts Women are deprived people from Tribal /Remote Villages, not only their children are suffering from Malnutrition, Lack of Education, proper Sanitation and a healthy life but to a large extend being deprived of Basic Human rights and Socio recognition.

YOU CAN HELP an Artist break free from the curse and clutches of POVERTY and GIFT THEM a FUTURE filled with HOPES for themselves and their Next Generations.

In this connection WE approach YOU for HELP through PURCHASE of their Handicrafts and Hand loom Products. As You all are aware we a have a huge opportunity and possibility to promote and develop these art form at Global Market due to their intrinsic creativity and beauty We need a Joint Effort to come out of this situation and carry on the work of promotion, Sale and uplift Socio Economic condition of our Artisans.


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